Omani photographer earns a place in National Geographic’s Photo of the Day
September 11, 2017 | 9:55 PM
by Staff Reporter
Photo: Haitham Al Farsi

Muscat: A photograph of a musket in the moment of firing has earned an Omani photographer a place in National Geographic's Photo of the Day. The traditional hand-held rifle is used in ceremonies.

Haitham Al Farsi said: "I took this picture back in July, in Wilayat Dima Wa AlTayeen. It shows one of the locals using (Alwaslah), which is a small, handheld cannon (rifle) used in the celebration as a tradition."

He added: “I felt really proud and happy that National Geographic, which is the biggest and most famous company in the photography world, chose one of my photos that I took from Oman and posted it as their photo of the day.”

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