OmanPride: Zumba instructor supporting a cause by organising events
September 11, 2017 | 6:28 PM
by Shruthi Nair
Pontila is passionate about Zumba and tries to introduce people to it in order to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Practising Zumba with Marissa Pontila doesn’t just help in improving fitness while having a lot of fun doing the moves, but it could also lead to supporting a cause or helping others. A well-known Zumba instructor in Oman, Pontila has been holding regular events, such as the Zumbathon and Party in Pink Zumbathon in order to support for causes that she truly believes in.

“A Zumbathon is a special Zumba extended length event that usually helps support a cause. Different Zumba instructors will teach at the event, which is typically from two to three hours in length,” she explained. “Another one is called Party in Pink Zumbathon and is a global movement dedicated to raising funds for the fight against breast cancer.”

In fact, Pontila has been a pioneer in organising such events and showing the world how you can follow your passion and spread it among others while doing good for the community. “I was one of the committee member of The First Zumbathon Oman in 2014 and organised the first Party in Pink Zumbathon 2016,” she said.

Pontila is a certified personal trainer, who has been living in Oman for the last 28 years. As a result of teaching Zumba to various people over the years and earning a name for herself in the field, she realised that it is extremely important to give back to the community, which has helped her succeed in life.

“I’ve been teaching for a long time here and I’m very blessed and doing well and people appreciate what I am doing. All this success and grace is because of all the people who believe in me and supported me all these years and honestly believed sharing the love with society is very important. This is the way of thanking and returning back.” She has closely been involved with various NGOs and local initiatives that make an effort to help the needy. “I’m supporting charities, such as the OCA, those related to diabetes, Down’s Syndrome, International Market Place, Changed 4 life at PDO Club, and many more.”

In addition to this, Pontila also makes sure that she holds at least one charity event every year at her gym. “I organise a small charity event at our gym every year.”

While Pontila is extremely passionate about Zumba and tries to introduce as many people as she can to it in order to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is her undying energy that keeps her going and helps her help others against all odds. “I have helped a lot of locals and expats, inspiring them and changed their lives because of Zumba and I know they knew it in their heart.” She added, “I don’t have anything to give to the charity other than my energy. This is what I was brought up to do since I was little,” she concluded.

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