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August 16, 2017 | 5:47 PM
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Saving us from Trump

It is not that Jimmy Kimmel wants to talk about US President Donald Trump all the time, but Trump manages to do and/or say things that makes it impossible for talk show hosts like him to refrain from mentioning him. After the tragic Charlottesville incident, Trump goes out to defend white supremists but Kimmel doesn't just have a message for those who voted for him but also has a plan that could solve the problem.

New Phone Alert!!

Calling all iPhone and Samsung fanatics, there’s a new announcement. Unbox Therapy has efficiently discovered a very cool new phone that not many have heard about. But what's best is the fact they managed to get the phone from China and review it in detail and show us all of its features, which to be honest are quite impressive. And oh! the phone is only $200.

No chocolate for you, Tommy!

I know it is hard, but DO NOT fall for the puppy eyes. There are strong reasons why animals aren't allowed to eat chocolates and Olivia Gordon explains the reason convincing you why you could end up harming your dog just out of pity.

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