Indian School Darsait organizes staff training session
August 13, 2017 | 10:56 AM
by Times News Service
Photo supplied

Muscat: Indian School Darsait organized a two-day staff training session as part of ISD Annual Staff Career Development Programme. Dr. Shankar Ramachandran, Consultant & Leadership Development Trainer was the chief resource person on day one. He spoke convincibly on how to enhance the skill of professionalism at work place. Mrs. T.S Nagaarthi, Therapist & Counsellor, ISD elaborated on the importance of body posture of students and staff in order to avoid pain in later life was the main speaker on the concluding day.

Dr. Shankar Ramachandran depicted the importance of communication in day-to-day professional life. He stressed that blocks like deletion can mar the effectiveness of communication. The communicator should be well aware of not only the outcomes but also the consequences of communication. He urged the teachers to be sensitive about the cultural and psychosocial ecology of the learners. Dr. Ramachandran differentiated the concepts of being a ‘successful’ vis-a-vis ‘professional’ teacher.

Therapist, Mrs. Nagaarthi presented an eye-opening power-point presentation that delineated the importance of physical fitness in the life of learners and teachers for which engendering a proper posture is a must. One has to learn and maintain a correct posture while standing, sitting, walking or lying down. Mrs. Nagaarthi’s presentation, elucidation and demonstration could drive in the oft-felt yet never so well exposed finer aspects of correct posture in one’s life.

Earlier Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal, ISD introduced the resource persons and reminded the teaching community of the need for ‘learning, unlearning and relearning’ by way of effective Faculty Development Programme. Mr. Alexander Gee Varghese, Vice Principal, Senior School extended a cordial welcome to all while Mr. B Suresh Kumar, Assistant Vice Principal, Secondary & Senior Secondary proposed vote of thanks. Distinguished Members of School Management Committee also attended the training session.

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