Oman style: Wear elegance from Sadz Design
July 19, 2017 | 4:52 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Sadz Design handbag. Photo: Supplied

If you are looking for a mix of exoticism and elegance, then snakeskin is the way to go. The trend never gets old, as designers love it, and fashionistas dig it. Adding these pieces to your wardrobe will add quite a value to its wearer, and rocking it will definitely make you stand out with a character of your own. In Oman, we have our very own brand that we celebrate with when it comes to this trend. Sadz Designs, a brand so unique you’d want it gracing your closets today before tomorrow.

Sadz Design is an accessory brand launched in 2013 by Sara Al Zadjali, offering you leather goods that will give you that sparkle needed to complement your ensemble. Her stuff are made of genuine leathers that include exotic materials from pythons, watersnakes, ayers, and crocodile, giving you a trendy accessory that screams fashion. The designer has a passion for handbags, and she is a perfectionist at heart as you can see from her detailed designs. The brand is manufactured by Italian experts who brought Sara’s vision to life, and today, the brand is one of the best in town.

Now, how to strut in these goods you ask? Sadz Designs has a variety of bags that will suit your desired look, youcan get a clutch for your elegant date night or keep the strip long for a casual touch. You can also rock the bags with your jeans and crop-tops, too. Also, this is not a women-only brand, which makes us boys happy. You can get killer wallets and cardholders from her men’s collection. The trend has been here and forever will be, now get stylish. [email protected]

The Lookout

The Lookout is an ubercool fashion boutique offering a selection of fashionable pieces from around the globe. The place has a variety of items ranging from simple tees and blazers for him to accessories, handbags, dresses, and swimwear for her. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything fashion, including the leather goods of Sadz Designs.

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