Make a jar of good deeds this Ramadan
June 14, 2017 | 4:10 PM
by Shruthi Nair
A jar of good deeds

This is something that is growing in popularity — The Ramadan Jar. This is also probably the best way to involve children into the festivities of the Holy Month, considering most of them aren’t old enough to fast. But again, you don’t just need to limit it to children. Prepare a Ramadan Jar for your family and make chits on good deeds that everyone can practice every day for a whole week. It could be something as small as smiling at a stranger to something more substantial as donating for a relief fund. It is not the size or quantity of the deed that matters, it is the intent that counts. However, make sure that everyone duly follows and make picking the chits from the Ramadan Jar a part of your morning routine for the week. So this week I will give you suggestions to put in the Ramadan Jar. —[email protected]

1. Distribute Iftar boxes.

2. Spend time with a disabled child.

3. Donate money to a charity.

4. Visit a relative you haven’t met in a long time.

5. Distribute books you’ve finished reading

6. Buy stationery and books for underprivileged kids.

7. Feed the poor.

8. Clean a beach or park.

9. Visit an elderly or someone sick.

10. Adopt an animal.

11. Donate old clothes, toys, and lots of other things to charity.

12. Pray for others.

13. Volunteer at an NGO.

14. Plant a tree.

15. Donate blood.

16. Do not swear, yell, or use any inappropriate word or tone for the whole month.

17. Purchase extra grocery from a supermarket and give it to mosques.

18. Mentor a child for free.

19. Smile at a stranger.

20. Spend a day at a rural village.

21. Do all the work at home and let your mother, father or maid rest.

22. Read a religious book.

23. Forgive someone and make sure he knows you’ve forgiven him/her.

24. Write a thank you letter to someone who has made a difference.

25. Invite friends, colleagues or strangers over for Iftar.

26. Greet everyone you see warmly.

27. Quit a bad habit.

28. Do not waste even the tiniest bit of food

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