Honduras gang members moved to maximum security jail
May 17, 2017 | 1:24 PM
by Times TV

Honduras transfers hundreds of suspected gang members to a new maximum security prison in an attempt to tackle criminal activity in its overcrowded jails.

A massive prison shake-up in Honduras.

Eight hundred gang members transferred to a maximum security facility on Tuesday (May 16) under heavy military guard.

An emotional moment for families gathered to watch.

Tuesday's transfer is the final stage of a larger program to move 2000 inmates as the government cracks down on crimes masterminded by inmates behind bars.

Targeting members of two of the country's most powerful gangs: MS-13 and Barrio 18.

The country's president Juan Orlando Hernandez says the fight isn't over yet.

"We will continue to stop prisons from being used to organise all types of criminal activity."

Authorities say that includes extortion, killings and drug deals.

Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the Americas and its prisons are notoriously overcrowded.

Officials say Honduras has 30 prisons holding around 17,000 inmates.

That's double the country's capacity.

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