Ice skate and bowl at Fun Zone in Muscat
April 16, 2017 | 2:38 PM
by Shruthi Nair
Bowling Photo

We are all lazy, looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to anything, be it shopping, information or entertainment. And when it comes to recreation one of the most popular places in Oman is a place that offers you different kinds of entertainment activities, all under one roof. Fun Zone is an all-purpose recreation arena located in Qurum, which makes it an ideal spot for people of all age groups who just want to have some fun indoors. Now that the summer has begun, and the blazing sun would not spare us, Fun Zone can be a great hub for those of you wanting to try out a range of activities in a day without having to travel or move around too much. Some of the activities that I would recommend for you to try out include ice skating, bowling, and pool. Ice Skating: With the brutal 40 degree temperature outside, this might be the best option for both, those who can and those who can’t do ice skating. I am someone who has two left feet when it comes to skating but I try it nonetheless. The 1,200 square metres rink offers an ideal playground to skaters during the summers. It is also a place where you can watch the professional figure skaters and ice skaters come to practice. And you will be surprised by the amount of talent you’ll find there. There is also an option of taking private or group coaching classes if you want to start skating professionally and not recreationally. Bowling: This is my favourite group game that I drag my friends to often. All you have to do is lift a heavy ball and aim it towards the 10 pins at the far end of the alley and hope and pray that the ball doesn’t fall in the gutter or stop midway and end up dropping a few pins while your friends cheer you on. And if at all it is a strike, then do the groove walk and go back to your seat feeling like a hero. What’s not to like? Also, for some bowling is serious business. A lot of Omanis practice bowling professionally and there is a team from Oman that has taken part in the Arab Championship in the past. Pool: This is a game that I am officially bad at and the ones I chill with are addicted to it. But the vibe at a pool table is something that attracts me to go try my hand at it overtime. There are different variations and rules of the game, but in general it involves strategically aiming a white cue ball to pocket your ball, which maybe striped or solid, making sure to avoid the black ball. Well it can be a little more complex than this and you need to remember that snooker and pool aren’t the same. Both the games have different tables, different rules, and snooker is slightly more challenging than pool because of the bigger table, narrower pockets, and stricter rules. [email protected] Fun Zone, Qurum Sat-Thurs 9:00am-12:00am Fri 2:00pm-1:00am +968 9696 2422 / +968 2466 2928

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