Trump loyalists take to Twitter to slam judge who blocked travel ban
March 17, 2017 | 3:36 PM
by Gautam Viswanathan, [email protected]
Plenty of the venom Watson seems to be getting stems from the fact that he graduated alongside former US President Barack Obama from Harvard University in 1991. Photo: Supplied

Muscat: Americans loyal to Donald Trump have slammed the federal court judge who blocked the US President’s travel ban, which would’ve come into effect at 12:01 am Eastern Daylight Time (8:30 am GST) on the 16th of March.

They have called for the impeachment of Judge Derrick Watson, the man who temporarily vetoed Trump’s travel ban, and are attempting to get the hashtag #impeachwatson trending on Twitter.

“Impeach US District Judge Derrick Watson for refusal to follow the law,” screamed user Mike Woodham, “Retweet if you agree. #impeachwatson”

“Get a load of this sharpy (sic) red doper diaper baby judge, ah Derrick Watson,” groaned another user, who went by the name Rabble Beatle.

Plenty of the venom Watson seems to be getting stems from the fact that he graduated alongside former US President Barack Obama from Harvard University in 1991.

The only native Hawaiian on the federal judges’ bench, Watson was also installed in his position by the former President, and the twitterati have been quick to identify this relationship as key to Watson’s alleged motivation behind the ban.

“Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson graduated WITH Obama at Harvard in 1991,” tweeted another user, aptly named Moms For Trump. “Nominated by Obama. Obama was seen in Hawaii yesterday.”

“If you don't think elections matter, a judge in Hawaii just invented rights for non-citizens & usurped @POTUS #NatSec authority,” she added a few minutes later.

“Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson violated the Right of Safety 4 every American citizen flood his office w/calls,” railed user Karen Acosta, who also added his office number to her tweet, while another Twitter member, John Haystrand had some rather unsavoury words for Trump’s predecessor.

“Derrick Watson (the) Hawaii judge that knocked down Trump’s travel ban. This slimey (sic) scumbag was installed by this country's worst nightmare BHO!!” he raged, using the abbreviated version of former US President Barack Hussein Obama.

“Guess who put Judge Derrick Kahala Watson into office? Trump? Bush? Nope. Obama. Thanks again, Obama. #NoRefugees,” lamented user Kim-servative, with another Trump loyalist, Victorious Anne, tweeting, “It's a sad day indeed when judges in the Ninth Circuit, Hawaii are more concerned with illegal aliens than our own U.S. citizens”

Other Twitter users have been trying to motivate like-minded people to foment rebellion against Derrick Watson.

“Send Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii a message: vacation elsewhere; stop buying Hawaiian coffee, honey, pineapple, macadamia nuts, beer, etc.,” tweeted Karen, who goes by the username @CastingBallot.

“Call Judge Derrick Watson 808-541-1470 & let him know he will have blood on his hands if 1 American is harmed/killed over his ruling #Hawaii,” crowed the rather oddly-named ObamaGate Diana.

“This traitorous so-called judge was appointed by "So-Called" President Obama. U.S. Dist Judge Derrick Kahala Watson is now King of America,” sulked @reardongalt.

The vitriol against Judge Watson has come in the wake of his ruling to temporarily halt Trump’s travel ban, which would’ve seen citizens from six primarily Muslim nations – Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran and Somalia – banned from visiting the US for 90 days.

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