Honey-based weight gain product has been pulled off store shelves in Oman
March 12, 2017 | 11:09 PM
by Alya Al Harthy / [email protected]
The product was found to be adulterated, as it had a chemical which was not accounted for in its listed ingredients. Photo - @pacp_oman

Muscat: A honey-based weight gain product has been pulled off Omani store shelves due to it containing a harmful chemical, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection announced Sunday.

The product, called Anbariyat Al Dhahab Al Asleeya, is a herbal product meant to be consumed for weight gain. A sample of the product was taken to the Ministry of Health so that its ingredients could be analysed.

However, the product was found to be adulterated, as a chemical was identified which was not accounted for in its listed ingredients. The chemical was ruled damaging to health and consumer safety, and Dr. Said bin Khamis Al Kaabi, Head of the PACP, issued a decision to ban the product from being sold in the Sultanate.

“This is part of the efforts to combat monopolies and aid in the fight against commercial fraud and counterfeiting, as dictated in Royal Decree No. 53/2011,” the statement read.

The decision also imposes fines on suppliers who are found selling the product. The fine would be no less than OMR50, and no more than OMR1,000. The penalty would double in the case of repeat offenders.

Thanae Pachiyannakis, a dietitian based in Muscat, recommended healthier habits when attempting to gain weight.

“You need to focus on diet and regular meals. There should not be a focus on products that are specific for weight gain; rather, the focus should be on regular food and calorie intake,” Pachiyannakis explained.

She also added, “It’s important to be aware of what you are eating, and labels on food, especially regarding false advertising. Most importantly, people should seek out the right help with losing or gaining weight. They should seek medical supervision, and meet with a professional dietician to receive the best advice regarding your path to weight gain, or loss.”

PACP restated that they will continue monitoring commercial activities, and ensuring the availability of basic goods. “All suppliers should cooperate with the Authority and commit to the provisions of the resolution, to preserve the health and safety of consumers and in order to avoid any legal accountability,” it added.

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