'Runningshaadi' has long shelf life: Shoojit Sircar
February 14, 2017 | 8:30 PM
by PTI
Producer Shoojit Sircar, actress Taapsee Pannu and director Amit Roy promoting their upcoming film 'Runningshaadi' at PTI in New Delhi. Photo - PTI

New Delhi: Shoojit Sircar is happy that his long awaited production "Runningshaadi" is hitting theatres and he says the delay will not have any adverse affect on the movie as its story has a long shelf life.

The filmmaker believes that once a movie gets released it is the story which plays the most important role in deciding the fate.

"We are happy that it is releasing. It has a long shelf life. We are releasing it in right window as there are no big films coming. Finally it is the story which runs a film.

Nothing else can drive the movie once it is out," Shoojit told PTI.

The "Piku" helmer says like his previous projects "Runningshaadi" is also a concept based film.

"I am supporting the film because Amit (director) is my friend. He is the nephew of of my godfather Deepak Roy, who was a documentary filmmaker. It is like a 'guru dakshina' for me. It is a nice sweet film with great concept."

Shoojit says the movie is not a conventional big fat Punjabi wedding drama and rather deals with real life situations.

"It is about an elopement service. It is not a wedding film. There has always been issue about eloping in our society. The movie is not promoting elopement. We are not here to tell people to elope. The movie is just about a situation in which two people get stuck."

Directed by Amit Roy, the movie stars Taapsee Pannu and Amit Sadh in the lead role. Roy says he and writer Navjot visited Amritsar to get reference points for the characters they had created.

"The idea of the movie came from my writer Navjot. It was his idea to tell story of a person who starts this service where people elope and get married. We went to Amritsar we lived the life of these characters. We researched if there is a service which can help people in eloping."

During the pre-production Roy also met some real life couples, who eloped and got married, to understand the problems they had faced.

Roy says Taapsee was always his first choice for the role of the female lead.

"Taapsee was the first choice. When we were writing the movie there was no reference point for the character. I was not able to find any actress who could pull off the role.

Navjot suggested Taapsee, whose background was very similar to our female lead. The moment I met her I was spellbound and found my character."

Apart from the filmmaker, the "Pink" actress also met some girls from Amirtsar to acquire their mannerism.

"Runningshaadi" will release this Friday.

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