Oman travel: Five boat trips you shouldn't miss this weekend
January 23, 2017 | 4:17 PM
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1. Fish the Oman sea

Treat yourself with an oceanic day trip from Marina Bandar Al Rowdha aboard one of Sea Tour’s ships. You can go for dolphin watching, do some snorkelling, try your hand at leisure fishing or even visit an island. The company also offers yachting and dhow tours.

Sea Tours

Call: +968 9901 3424


2. Explore the Muscat coast

Spend a day amid sheltered coves and deserted islands as you explore the beauty of Oman’s coastline aboard powerboats, yachts, or private sailboats. Charter is part of Oman Sail Company, and it operates from Al Mouj Marina.

Charter at Oman Sail

Call: +968 2418 1400


3. Escape to Bandar Al Khayran

How does snorkelling off of a secluded beach sound? Coral Ocean offers special tours of Bandar Al Khayran, where you’ll get to mingle with the fish in a quiet, peaceful setting that is only accessible by sea. The company also offers other tours such as dolphin watching and diving.

Coral Ocean Tours

Call: +968 9411 0088


4. Set sail for Salalah

Enjoy a long weekend exploring the coast of Oman from Muscat to Salalah. Down south you’ll get the chance to enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, bird watching, and other water-based activities. The company also offers day trips along the Muscat coastline and trips to Musandam.

Oman Day Tours

Call: +968 9771 0486


5. Sightsee by sea in Musandam

The best way to enjoy Musandam is by sea. On your next trip north, book a dolphins watching dhow cruise to visit island village, snorkel on remote beaches, and watch dolphins play.

Dolphin Khasab Tours

Call: +968 9956 6672


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